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**If booking online directly with VACAYA, please add ROBERT HUSS as your Travel Agent!**

Iceland Cruise

September 3-10, 2021

Sold Out - Waitlist Available

VACAYA rewrites the history books yet again with the first all-LGBT+ circumnavigation (that means we’re going all the way around!) of Iceland on the luxurious 5-star Le Champlain from Ponant Cruises. This is the ultimate voyage of discovery of Iceland and the Arctic Circle – a truly exotic summer adventure on the trail of the Vikings.

For 8 days, VACAYA will take you to extreme lands and breathtaking scenery. Glaciers, lava fields, geysers, and steam baths await those with a passion for travel and a love for the finer things in life. Iceland is a destination worthy of all superlatives.

**If booking online directly with VACAYA, please add ROBERT HUSS as your Travel Agent!**

New Orleans Cruise

November 14-22, 2021

From $2297 USD per person

VACAYA makes history yet again with an exciting and innovative CLOSE-TO-HOME vacation option for North Americans – an 8-night adventure roundtrip from easy-to-get-to and seductively gay-friendly New Orleans up the Mississippi River! This fresh new getaway from VACAYA is the first US-based river cruise in LGBT+ travel history!

Spacious luxury awaits aboard the floating masterpiece that is American Duchess. This uniquely American, boutique-style paddlewheeler offers exquisite dining, beautiful decks, fun entertainment venues, and exceptional amenities. Her spacious suites reach up to 550 square feet, providing you with the largest accommodations on the rivers. An included pre-night hotel stay at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside affords us the luxury of a short walk from the hotel to the French Quarter and to our ship.

**If booking online directly with VACAYA, please add ROBERT HUSS as your Travel Agent!**

Caribbean Cruise

January 10-17, 2022
Celebrity Millennium

From $897 USD per person

We’ve got a never-before-offered adventure waiting for you and the LGBT+ community! Sailing 7 nights from convenient Fort Lauderdale on the beautiful and fully-revolutionized Celebrity Millennium, we’re taking you deeeeeeep into the Southern Caribbean to explore two of the most idyllic islands in the world – Aruba and Curaçao! There’s no way to get to these islands in 7 nights on a standard cruise. Only VACAYA can take you there. And with this cruise sailing over the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Weekend, it’s the perfect way for US-based travelers to maximize vacation time!

**If booking online directly with VACAYA, please add ROBERT HUSS as your Travel Agent!**

Seychelles Cruise

February 15-23, 2022

Sold Out - Waitlist Available

Tired of the Caribbean? Getting bored with the same old itineraries? Looking for the ultimate winter escape that’ll turn every one of your friends green with envy? Then you’re primed and ready for something TRULY ALL NEW! Think French Polynesia meets Galapagos as VACAYA takes you on a first-of-its-kind adventure to Seychelles!

This rare and unspoiled paradise on earth is blessed with deep turquoise waters, pristine white sandy beaches, a remarkable array of marine life, and culture and cuisine shaped by a diverse combination of European, African, and Asian influences. And to top it all off, there’s not a Diamonds International Store within sight!

One of VACAYA’s missions is to take our guests to fresh new destinations – fabulous places on our planet that have never been visited by other LGBT+ travel companies. Using that mission as our guide, The Vacayans have created this new 8-night luxury cruise around Seychelles just for you – a chance to see a part of our world that holds almost incalculable wonders. Sitting in the warm equatorial waters off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is an island nation whose beauty is difficult to describe in words. So we’re just going to quiet down a bit and let the pictures of this off-the-beaten-path utopia fill your heart…

**If booking online directly with VACAYA, please add ROBERT HUSS as your Travel Agent!**

Greek Isles Cruise

August 18-25, 2022

Sold Out - Waitlist Available

Our most requested and dreamed about destination is now a reality… VACAYA is taking you to the Greek Isles in Summer 2022! And we’re not just talking about the gayest and most well-known islands like Mykonos and Santorini, which we’ll visit, of course… but islands no ocean-plying behemoth could EVER get to… Amorgos, Symi, Patmos, and Hydra!

We’re sailing the 5-star Le Bougainville from PONANT. She’s all ours – with included alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, WiFi, and a host of other fantastic benefits. And while our ship is luxuriously decadent, the true stars of this show are some of the most beautiful islands in the world! We’ll overnight in Mykonos on a Friday night, giving you the chance to explore all the wonders of this magical LGBT+ heaven, and we’ll also get a late Saturday night in Santorini, as well. Scholars think Santorini is where the lost continent of Atlantis was located before it was blasted to smithereens when Thera blew her top. And you genuinely haven’t lived until you’ve sat on the caldera of a volcano eating scrumptious delicacies pulled right from the sea just moments earlier!

Greek Isles Cruise Tile.jpeg
**If booking online directly with VACAYA, please add ROBERT HUSS as your Travel Agent!**

Antarctica Cruise

December 6-17, 2022

Sold Out - Waitlist Available

The most remote continent on Earth is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve seen on previous travels, Antarctica is different from every other destination on the planet. Here, in the midst of the great Southern Ocean, you’ll find nature at its most magnificent. Make history with VACAYA yet again as we host the first all-LGBT+ full-ship charter to Antarctica on the most thrilling journey of all time! We’re sailing one of the world’s most luxurious expedition ships – Le Boreal from Ponant, which provides the perfect home-away-from-home for 10 adventure-filled days and nights in Antarctica. And YES… there are multiple daily landings on the continent via Zodiac®, so you’ll have the chance to hike, kayak, mix and mingle with penguins, and explore this new universe up close and personal!  

For those who’ve traveled all over the world but are still missing this elusive final continent, this is your chance to add #7 to the list!

**If booking online directly with VACAYA, please add ROBERT HUSS as your Travel Agent!**