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Club Atlantis Lux

Nov 28 - Dec 5, 2020 

Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda

All New 5 Star Resort

They're taking the all-gay beach resort to new heights when Atlantis takes over the brand new 5-star Club Med Miches Playa Esmeralda resort this fall. Imagine bringing the best of Provincetown, Mykonos, & Fire Island together into one effortlessly relaxing, endlessly active, and thrillingly exciting week on one of the worlds’ most beautiful private beaches. That’s the Club Atlantis experience and we’re ready to travel this fall to a resort that truly has it all.

As Club Med introduces their first Exclusive Collection Resort in the Americas, this newly built eco-chic oasis is exclusively ours for 7 fun-filled days. Built from the ground up on a lush Dominican palm grove overlooking pristine crystal-blue waters on one of the world’s most beautiful private beaches. With ample space to spread out and an entire experience based around the outdoors, there’s no better way to travel in 2020 than at a wide-open resort on a massive private beach.

All–Gay. All-Inclusive. Pure Luxury

We’re thrilled to take over the newest and most deluxe resort in the Caribbean for an unforgettable week with 500 friends from around the world. Atlantis and Club Med blend incredible excitement with pure luxury at our very first premium Club Atlantis resort vacation. From a magnificent private beach to gorgeously designed pools, a world-class spa to thrilling sports, spectacular accommodations to tantalizing cuisine, there’s never been a gay resort with so much to offer.

All at one low price that includes absolutely everything! It’s a true luxury vacation for far less than most ordinary hotel rooms.

The beauty of Club Atlantis in today’s world is that we can bring you all the stellar entertainment and friendly excitement that make our cruises sensational in the relaxed and spacious setting of a private resort. 

There’s no better place in the world to relax in pure style and comfort, learn a new skill, challenge yourself, cut loose a little, or just spend time with friends old and new. 

Your Best Best Gay Vacation Value 

At Club Atlantis, absolutely everything is included – premium accommodations, all meals, sports, activities, entertainment, parties, basic WiFi, gratuities, and even all drinks! We’re thrilled to offer our most deluxe resort yet for less than ever, with low fares starting at just $1399.

Although it has the feeling of being worlds away, Club Atlantis is easy to reach from most of the USA, with direct flights to Punta Cana. And if you want to explore a bit farther afield, we work closely with the locals so that you can truly enjoy both the beauty of our resort and experience the magic of this amazing area.

Join us as Club Atlantis sets a new standard for all-gay vacations at the sensational new Club Med Miches


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